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One-Hour Free Consultations During Which We Can Discuss



  • Your program design, staffing and budget

  • Sources of funds to support your mission

  • Options for collaboration

Grant Preparation

  • Establish a grant funding program

  • Identify funding sources

  • Define new programs or services

  • Expand the scope of fundraising sources

  • Write comprehensive grant proposal

Grant Evaluation Services

  • Create program goals and objectives

  • Design evaluation plan
  • Identify or design tools and measures
  • Provide formative, process and/or outcome evaluation services
  • Define Qualitative and Quantitative methodology
  • Progress and Final Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your success rate?

  • Success rates vary widely based on the type of organization and the type of funding they are applying for. For some types of funding my success rate is greater than 80%, 4 out of every 5 applications I’ve written have been funded that same year. Other types of funding, for new projects or for organizations that have never been awarded grant funds Memmott Consulting focuses not only on winning grant applications, but strengthening the organization to be better positioned to be awarded funds. 

How do you get paid?

  • Memmott Consulting is paid on either an hourly or per-grant application basis, for the work to prepare and submit a strong proposal on behalf of the organization. Work completed for one application can be adapted to submit additional applications to other funders. We find that the first application is the most “expensive”one to submit, after that, subsequent proposals can be prepared in a fraction of the time. That is why we offer a reduced rate to contracted clients, we both appreciate time and cost savings by working together over a few months time to submit multiple applications to a range of funders, and improve our success rate.

The first step to securing grant funding is to 

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