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Maggie Memmott

Maggie Memmott

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Grant writer with 18+ years of experience, specializing in helping non-profits to write and win federal, state, local, and foundation funding for their programs and services.

I did not start out to be a grant writer. I wanted to help organizations achieve their goals. In my first job, that meant helping a hospital find funding. Once I realized that I was not only good at writing and monitoring grants but enjoyed it, my grant writing career was launched. I have been successful at securing grants for hospitals, schools, and service clubs. Along the way, I learned to successfully navigate the process of applying for government, private sector, and foundations grants.

Clients know they can count on me to bring both professional expertise and passion to every project. I am ready to take on projects of any size or scope. If you are in the process of developing your first grant request or preparing to applying for a grant renewal let’s talk about how I can make that processes more efficient.


To discuss your organization and how we can partner to achieve your vision contact us.

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